Everyday I fight not to give up. Everyday I want to.

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The airline industry punishes you for being early, strives at wasting your time, and purposely makes you late. They are also one of the few industries that YOU pay for THEIR shitty service. Good Times…Good Times…

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You Don’t Want To Hear It

I could talk your ear off right now with what is going on and the line of nonsense I am having to deal with, but I refrain from discussing here. Although I am not entirely content, I do not want to dooce myself.

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An Experiment

Jeff: i have an experiment

Bill: ok

for the next 30 days I want you to listen to nothing but Public Enemy: Fear of a Black Planet
at work, in the car, eating, sleeping
when you speak with your wife, either the beginning or end of each sentence must be lyrics from a song on the album
and the end of the 30 days, I want to know how the past month has altered the way each of you feel about frozen yogurt and/or frozen juice bars

Bill: before I commit to this, can I see the full proposal?

Jeff: I think it would be best if you didn’t

Bill: and when you say lyrics, must it be an entire line or just one word?

a full line
for example: “Hey hon, how was Tulsa?”
“90 damn days on a slaveship, count up now 1 2 3 4 HUNDRED AT A TIME!”
“it was great”

Bill: fitting

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Bill: watched B roll gameplay footage from D3 Press tour…it looks decent

Jeff: me too
i don’t get all the hate in the comments
looked perfect to me

Bill: yeah
but SWTOR….my god

Jeff: yeah that looks even better

Bill: it looks good, but the story and the lore are being a$$ raped
i’m a stickler for lore in SW though

Jeff: are you referring to the part about how the sith worship that queen spider that gave the first of them their powers?

Bill: i hate you

Jeff: or was it the part where Yoda hides in the fridge to survive the atomic blast?

Bill: Dear Lord, please grant me the mind powers to smite Jeff, from where I sit….Amen

Jeff: I mailed dozens of submissions to help improve the lore

Bill: i bet you did

Jeff: like how Ewoks are actually descendents of wookies, but they shrunk due to the higher gravity on Endor

Bill: please stop…..
everytime you say that, a small part of me wails in infinite pain, and then dies

Jeff: so I should skip the part about yoda being a diminutive gungan…..


Twileks keep all their midichlorians in their tendrils, so if you cut them off they lose their powers…….

Bill: you are enjoying this way too much

Jeff: they can also milk them to give the force to others

Bill: that’s….that’s……omg…evil, pure evil

Jeff: I’ll leave you with this to ponder on:

Bill: you make zorg seem like the ideal candidate to open a daycare for underprivelaged children

Jeff: the greatest Sith of all time was created as the result of a Twilek bukake party


Jeff: there was much hate in him

Bill: < .< >.>
………you’re a bastard…….

Jeff: every time you see the force being used, in the back of your mind you will hear the whisper “Twilek milk….”

Bill: this is going on the website….

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It has been a long while since I mentioned anything about gaming (or anything at all to be quite honest).

Been stepping away from WoW recently, as it has gone back into the ‘not enjoying the monotany of the game’ portion of the pendullem. I don’t know if it will swing back to full enjoyment again, and I am not pushing it.

Several of the other folks I play with are in the same boat, so we have decided to try and re-kindle game night while playing some other games.

First up is League of Legends. This is a free to play game that is based of the Heroes of Norath Mod of the popular Warcraft 3 RTS. It has heroes, and purchaseable items and leveling, all while trying to destroy the base of your opponent. It can handle up to 5 players per team and it can realistically be played in 30-45 minutes. There is a decent amount of strategy involved, and the multiple (76) heroes all have unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. A highly entertaining game, with low overhead.

OUr other choice for group gaming required a permit, as we had to rev up the ‘Way Back Machine’. Diablo 2 was our game of choice. We decided to play this decade old game as a way prep for the eventual release of Diablo 3 and also for the sake of nostalgia. Surprisingly, even though the graphics and gameplay are heavily dated, the game itself still runs well…even on the new piece of hardware I procured for myself.

And that leads me to a quick description of my new toy. I posted some pictures on the Twitter, the Tumblr, and the FB. About 2 weeks ago, I became the proud owner of a Dell Studio XPS 9100. A new desktop that has an Intel i7 2.8GHz processor, 9GB DDR 3 RAM, ATI Radeon 6670 1GB Video Card, and a 2TB 7200 RPM hard drive. It is a sweet machine. And WoW looks gorgeous running on it, which is a shame that I am not playing it as much now.

Fear not that I might have begun to forsake the video game, as there are bright spots on the horizon! The aforementioned Diablo 3 looks to be going into Beta in the coming weeks (press tours have begun) and there is also the second stroyline of the recently release Starcrat 2 coming in early 2012. There has been talk of some Halo Reach on the Xbox 360 for some FPS action as well. Although the Xbox thing might not work out for my upcoming work schedule. Something I’ll probably talk about in an upcoming post.

And one final note, the current proxy server I am stuck behind blocks 99% of gaming related websites, so I cannot add links to the post currently. I will try to add them at a later date.

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Thoughts from the Europe Trip

On my recent travels to Europe, I brought along a Field Notes Brand Memo Book and another journal to write in. The FNB memo book is small and fit in my pants pocket for the quick note taking that I might need.

The other journal book was for those times in the room or on the plane I might need to write more.

During the entire trip I re-read the first three books of the Dark Tower series (Gunslinger, Drawing of the Three and Wastelands) as well as re-reading of American Gods. Some of the comments I jotted down came from the fact that things spoken about while touring the cities related back to the books.

In Barcelona, I wasn’t struck by much that was comment worthy, and I believe that the pictures that my wife and I took are enough. We had an EXCELLENT time in that city, even though it seems that smoking is a national past time there.

Once we hit Italy, and Florence in particular, I found that I spent more time reading and as such, what I mentioned about finding things that coicidentially related to the Dark Tower stories happened.

Enough of this rambling. Make with the thoughts/comments Read the rest of this entry »


I have Returned

Back from a wonderful trip around Spain and Italy. I will have some pictures (A LOT of pictures) and some thoughts written up over the next few days.

For now, laundry and email catch-up.

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This Idea Has…..Ferret….

Jeff: so are you still planning on coming up in 2 weeks?

Bill: lol
i’ll be returning from Europe in 2 weeks

Jeff: otherwise I need to figure out what to do with all of these ferrets

Bill: ROFL

when do you leave?

Bill: Friday

Jeff: now I have to invent something powered by ferrets
they’re not puppies bill
you can’t just dump Cambodian breast milk all over them and produce fusion

Bill: what about thai baby formula?

Jeff: shipping would kill me

Bill: hmmmmm
Chinese knockoff gerber baby food?

Jeff: i wonder if I could safely distribute my weight over 1000 ferrets

Bill: how close together would they be?

Jeff: ferrets have a innate sense of personal space, so maybe 3″

Bill: would they just be really close to each other or physically attached

Jeff: i would have to make a massive harness

Bill: hmmm….that might not work….without some gorilla glue

Jeff: also their ground speed isn’t high enough for highway travel

Bill: even multiplied by 1000?

Jeff: i could take surface streets though

Bill: the commute on surface streets would be enjoyable

Jeff: i could steer them with an old sneaker
ferrets go fucking bonkers for old sneakers

Bill: and big toes….
i ferret sat one for Nili’s buddy Steve….fucking thing kept biting my toe when I let it out

Jeff: i think I have a way to create a contained perpetual energy system with them
each ferret will be placed in a clear sphere connecting to a number of actuators

Bill: i’d be interested in the investment opportunities of this idea of yours

Jeff: a series of cables will carry old shoes throughout the facility, causing them to move around and thus generate electricity
a couple times a day a small tube will inject pressurized water into the spheres containing fire ants
the insuing conflict would generate massive amounts of power, and the ferrets will eventually eat the ants
waste will be sucked out of the sphere and used to feet the ant colony

Bill: that is more of a self contained system as opposed to a perpetual motion system
but the idea has……ferrets……!!!

Jeff: not perpetual motion, just a contained energy system
i bet one ferret cube could power at least 100 homes

Bill: how many ferrets in a ferret cube?

Jeff: let’s say 1000
so startup costs would be the animals, ant colonies, and the machinery itself

Bill: so with the 1000 ferrets you currently have and some seed money, you could technically power your town?

Jeff: automation should minimize staff

Bill: more or less

Jeff: yeah pretty much

Bill: there is the shaws down the street
what kind of ferret attrition rate are you expecting?

Jeff: i would expect 1-5 deaths per month

Bill: and what kind of fire ant containment procedures do you ahve on draft?

Jeff: easy way around that is to connect random male and female pods once a day

Bill: but then you’d have to remove the females during gestation so as not to hurt them and the young
so you have to take that into account

Jeff: oh, and a bunch of old sneakers

Bill: i like this idea

Jeff: yeah the breeding algorithm would need to evolve over time to minimize impact without endangering the population

Jeff: and fire ants are dumb, they emit a chemical signal that the colony is in danger so they all come running
at injection time we just release the chemical in the collection area and suck them into the water injection system

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While you’re there…

Jeff: are you going to bring me treasures from europe?

Bill: possibly

Jeff: where are your destinations

Bill: Barcelona, the Cinque Terra and Florence/Tuscany

Jeff: be sure to eat some Paella while in Barcelona

Bill: that’s the plan
The Wife is hoping for some good stuff, as she has yet to find any of value here in the states

Jeff: the best in found in Valencia
you should buy some spices in Barcelona too

Bill: ok

Jeff: good stuff there like saffron
in Italy pick up oils and truffles
also, you should visit Alexandretta

Bill: Alexandretta…..isn’t that in Egypt?

Jeff: yeah mediterranian side
there is an old trail south of the city that winds through the mountains and leads to the canyon of the crescent moon
if you follow the canyon you will find an old building built into the rock
there is an old man living there who is holding a cup for me, if you could grab it I would appreciate it

Bill: gotcha

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