While you’re there…

Jeff: are you going to bring me treasures from europe?

Bill: possibly

Jeff: where are your destinations

Bill: Barcelona, the Cinque Terra and Florence/Tuscany

Jeff: be sure to eat some Paella while in Barcelona

Bill: that’s the plan
The Wife is hoping for some good stuff, as she has yet to find any of value here in the states

Jeff: the best in found in Valencia
you should buy some spices in Barcelona too

Bill: ok

Jeff: good stuff there like saffron
in Italy pick up oils and truffles
also, you should visit Alexandretta

Bill: Alexandretta…..isn’t that in Egypt?

Jeff: yeah mediterranian side
there is an old trail south of the city that winds through the mountains and leads to the canyon of the crescent moon
if you follow the canyon you will find an old building built into the rock
there is an old man living there who is holding a cup for me, if you could grab it I would appreciate it

Bill: gotcha

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