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I have setup a Tumblr account so that I can post pictures more easily, and from my iPhone. It can be reached by this link, or by the link on the side bar labeled ‘Tumblr Photo Stream’.

I tend to take pictures with my iPhone and then stylize them using Instagram, Hipstomatic, and Tiny Planet. I do have the WordPress App installed, but I wanted to try something that was designed for quick post usage.

I’ll be posting a bunch over the next few days as I have several sitting on my phone that I want to share. And then posts will come as I am inspired from there.

Go check it out!

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PAX East 2011 Bound – Boston, MA

Bag: Packed
Flight: Checked In
Boarding Pass: Printed
Phone: Charged
Camera: Ready

I am heading to Boston again this year for the Penny Arcade Expo East 2011.

Once again staying with the illustrious, criminally handsome, dangerously intelligent, and all around good sport, Jeff (from Conversations with Jeff Fame).

This year the roster has expanded to include 3 newcomers, and the extended stay of one that was with us last year.

I am planning to post pictures and stories here, on Twitter (@RnR77), Facebook (if we’re friends, you’ll see them) and on my Flickr page. We’ll see how that goes.

More to come!!

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Taking another crack at NaBloPoMo. The theme for March is “In A Word”. I can either choose a word to build a post around or use a word that is a good description of my life at that moment. Those are just some suggestions, but I think I can make those work.

I have tried this before with limited success, and that is why I am using the word ‘Commitment’ as my first post. I am going to commit to doing this for the month of March. It is something meaningful that I can work towards.

And, as John Scalzi has said,

But if you want to be a writer, than be a writer, for god’s sake. It’s not that hard, and it doesn’t require that much effort on a day to day basis. Find the time or make the time. Sit down, shut up and put your words together. Work at it and keep working at it. And if you need inspiration, think of yourself on your deathbed saying “well, at least I watched a lot of TV.” If saying such a thing as your life ebbs away fills you with existential horror, well, then. I think you know what to do.


WordPress iPhone App

Title says it all folks. Now if this damn thing could REALLY run Warcraft, we’d be all set!

Sent from my iPhone 🙂

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I must be out of my mind

Apparently, my writing has a bit of a fan base with the readers of my blog. It is a….strange….feeling to be told by people you consider your peers that your work is enjoyable to them. Not quite euphoric, but somewhat similar to delicious, warm, hot chocolate!

That being the case, I have decided to move forward with an idea that has been simmering in the back of my mind. Namely the NaNoWriMo. In a nutshell, I will be attempting to write a fifty thousand word (50,000) novel in thirty (30) days. It boils down to One Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Six Point Six Seven (1666.67) words per day.

I must be outta my friggen mind…..

On top of that, through remembered postings from others, I am thinking that I might give NaPloBoMo a shot as well. Oh and Wrath of the Lich King (which I have pre-ordered) comes out on the thirteenth. Then there are the certifications that I want to complete by 11/30 and that pesky annoying thing called work (the stuff that pays the bills)!

I must be am outta my friggen mind!!

The way I see it, everything mentioned above is interconnected. By participating in NaNoWriMo, I will force myself to write. By participating in NaBloPoMo, I will force myself to write some more AND post. And by posting I can keep my readership informed of my actions. Playing WoW will keep me somewhat sane (and quite possibly give me ideas), and working towards my certifications will help me get a raise.

This all really came together through conversations with the Wife and with RP. Last night , while in the midst of one of those conversations, I came to the conclusion that I don’t have anything that I am working towards accomplishing. So my life lacks a bit of meaning. Not a huge lack of meaning mind you, but since I regained the time usually spent commuting, playing WoW just doesn’t seem to be a good use of it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy WoW, it’s just that too much of one thing isn’t good for you. And since my commute has changed so drastically, the amount that I am reading has changed as well. You can only read so much while waiting for your laundry to finish! I need to accomplish something, even a small thing, to prevent myself from falling into a mind numbing funk.

So if I at least take a crack at writing, maybe I will force myself to move forward with doing something I enjoy and actually become good at it.

Starting November 1st, expect to see a lot more of me. And maybe, just maybe, you won’t be sick of me by November 30th. And when I become a famous writer sipping espressos and writing on a MacBook Pro, you can say you knew me when I was a two bit hack! 😉


Upgrade to v2.6

It went smoother than I expected, however my Categories got hosed in the process.

I decided to just start from scratch on them. Although my default category is gone as well.

Should be fixed soon.



First off…head over to the Wife’s blog. She spent the weekend creating a new design for what is shaping up to be a new chapter in our lives. More to come on that! 😉

Secondly, I shall be updating to WordPress V2.6 sometime today or this week…depending on time. So the site might be a bit flaky. Bear with me.

Speaking of bears, apparently there was a sighting of a Blackbear about a mile from my grandparents house (5 miles from my place). Not a good thing since it is a pretty suburban area. Folks are saying it was either that or a Fisher Cat which can be mistaken at times for a small black bear.

And no, there is no relation to the Cheshire Cat….if you have spotted one of those….well then, you’re in a lot more trouble then you know.

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Due to the fact that it received the most votes (2) I went with the Nebula theme as you can see.

I have tweaked it a bit, so there might be things broken that I do not know of. If so, just let me know. Otherwise, Happy Surfing!


I Require Your Input

I have found the following Twelve (12) themes and I would like some opinoins on them.

Green Love

Ad Clerum

Darkpink Reload 2.1

FreshBlue Idea 1.5

Nebula 1.8

Scuba 1.0

Blackboard 1.0

Fog 1.0

Munch 1.0

Coincidence 0.6.7

Fmulti 1.0

Ice 1.0

Click on each one and then select the ‘Test Site’ option to view an example of how the site might look. I have my favorites, but I wouldn’t mind some input from the readers.



Yes, I know I changed the theme. Yes I know it’s ugly as sin. Yes I know I could do/find better.

I will. I promise.

I just need sometime to explore some themes and decide what will work best for this site.

Trust me when I say that this theme is the most neutral that I have.

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