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What We Do

We march for the kingdom under the mountain
Whose king has returned to stone
And is now ruled by three

We march for the slave who saved his people
Bringing honor and strength
Were once was only corruption

We march for the boy who would be king
And his father, now returned
But still broken in two

We march for the lady of the night
Who met death defending life
And spends death plotting vengeance

We march for the lady of the moon
And the father of the trees
Who saved us from the brink
Thru love eternal

We march for the bulls of the plains
Led to peace by the father, thus slain
And led by the son, determined to save the future

We march for the prophet
Whose people have fought the evil since time began
And no longer have a home of their own

We march for the fair skinned
Whom fell to their darkest desires
And have returned to their glory

We march for the tinkerers
Whose stature is small
But whose bravery stretch to the heavens

We march for the tusked outcasts
Who found a home with the gladiator slave
And stand by his side unquestionably

We march for the cursed
Who paid the price for their hubris
And now humbly work to redeem themselves

We march for the entrepenuers
For whom neutrality
No longer made business sense

This is what we do….

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I have done it for each of the previous ones 😉

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The Paths of The Past

It has been years since I stepped foot in these plagued lands. Years spent in regions of the hellish nether and the even more hellish cold. Years spent seeing true, unbridled horror at every turn.

Being here again brings back the memories of what could now be seen as a simpler time.

Yes, this land is not without it’s own horrors. And yes, when I first gazed upon it all I thought I saw was how the world would end and what the darkness held. But time brings with it experience and clarity. Along with aches, pains, and far too many scars of the body and spirit.

As I fought what I saw then as an un-winnable battle, I see now that the mere act of standing against the darkness is exactly what the land, and the people who once called it home, needed. It was exactly what they needed to see; that all hope was not lost and that even one person willing to give everything for a better future was one less person dying for nothing.

I can laugh inwardly at that thought now as well. Spending time around Fordring and his followers seems to have rubbed off on me more than I thought. I might use the light differently, but I fight with it, and for it, just the same.


An Opportunity

Do you have him?

Yes, the creatures of light have finally been able to hand him over. Very interesting they are, I definietly sense the creators touch in them

I agree, and it is out own hubris that makes us think we we’re the only guardians created by them

Yes, my queen, I see what you mean. What shall we do with him then?

That is a good question, one that I have been contemplating since their emissary requested an audience with us. I have come to a conclusion as to why they did now. There are several, husks, left by the monster from the battle some months ago. Apparently, our companions of light have found misplaced essences in similar straights, thus why i believe they came to us.

I am not sure I understand my queen….

We have an abundance of bodies without souls, they seem to have found an abundance of the opposite.

My word…I had no idea!

Yes, the darkness these heroes fought and died against is related to the creation of the source of this evil here, so it would seem that a connection from the side of the light and life could be made as well.

Is it wise to meddle with the energies of the creators in that way? Would not we too risk corruption on a grand scale?

Yes, my love, there is that chance. But something about this all is awakening feelings deep within me. Did the creators not make both us and the creatures of light? Neither of us are destroying this life/light that we have found. I still have reservations though, deep seeded. If this were to turn out to be a trap, similar to what happened to the Earthwarder, I doubt this world would survive another creature of that magnitude..

Yes, my queen, caution must be observed.

Gather my sister, if she can separate from the dream realm. Contact the mortal we have discussed as well….this return will be harsh and a guide will be required.

As you wish, my queen….


Reaching through the screen to punch someone

(Warning: This is Warcraft post. You have been warned.)

I play a priest. As the name suggests, it is known primarily as a healing class in the game. The class is capable of some serious damage, thanks to changes to the damage spec after the release of the first expansion to the game, but for the most part priest = healer.

I hate healing. Absolutely despise it. The only reason I play this class is because my friends told me when I started that the class was in ‘high demand’. To that I say ‘BULLSHIT’. It was only in demand at the level cap (60 at the time) and it took FOREVER to get to the level cap, due to the fact that I could only wear cloth armor and was no good against multiple enemy targets. By that time I did reach the level cap, most of them had moved onto another guild, and were so far ahead of me content wise that I had no hope of catching up.

So I joined a series of ‘second string’ guilds. Basically those guilds that were one or two progression steps behind the cutting edge guilds on the server. And I got pigeon-holed as a healer. But I wasn’t alone, misery LOVES company and I suffered through it with others. This due to the fact that the old style 40 man raids required multiple healers, sometimes as many as 6-8 of them. So I was part of a mixed team of healers that assisted the entire raid. And it was fun. I got some gear, I stayed up late, I saw the content.

By the time the first expansion hit (The Burning Crusade), I had stumbled onto another server and started playing with colleagues from my job at that time. There I was still a priest, but a damage dealing priest….a Shadow Priest! (spooooky!) I HAD A BLAST!! Aside from the occasional ‘we need help healing, don’t do damage’, I got to kill things. Oh how glorious it was! I had two things to worry about; myself and the target. No one blaming me for wiping the group, no one complaining that I did not heal enough, just me and the target. I continued that course all the way through the beginning content of that expansion and into the content of the newest expansion (Wrath of the Lich King). More fun was had, more late nights (by this point I was playing on a server based in the Mountain Time Zone), more gear won, more content seen.

That brings us to now. I have a decently geared priest. My priest has the ability, thanks to an in game mechanic, to quickly change between damage and healing specs. I also have the gear that benefits both specs, so that I can be geared correctly for each. Thus making me more versatile, and truly in demand. Unless of course one hates healing, which I do.

Last evening, while online with a friend, we got pulled into a 10 man raid. If you look at it this way, a 10 man raid is essentially a tier 2 raid (out of 3). So it is middle of the road, hard enough that you cannot sleep through it, but not so hard that you spend six hours banging your head against the keyboard fighting one guy.

We had some hiccups, we died a few times. And of course, I and the one other healer get the blame. Not the tank that couldn’t keep the target focused on him, not the DPS (straight damage folks) that couldn’t pump out enough damage to kill the guy quickly. Nope, the healers…one charged with keeping the tank alive, and the other (me) charged with keeping the OTHER 9 players alive. The only reason I didn’t tell the douche bag that was leading the group and calling me out for not healing enough to go have intercourse with the closest four legged creature was my friend telling me to just stick it out.

The little shit also had the nerve to post Over-healing numbers to try and prove his point. Basically, over-healing is just that, healing targets that don’t need it, thus wasting resources. So the LESS the you over-heal, the MORE EFFICIENT you actually heal. This jackass had it backwards and was praising the guy healing just the main tank and blaming me, the guy who was in charge of everyone else, for all of us dying. I’d also like to mention that even AFTER the main tank died, I continued to heal the next target in line to try and take the guy down…while this little shit ran for the door.

We did eventually pull through, only AFTER a new tank that actually KNEW how to tank came on board.

This isn’t unheard of in the game, and this is one of the reasons why there is such a high demand for priests…no one wants to play them because it is ALWAYS their fault if the shit hits the fan. No one enjoys being the whipping boy.

I am not saying that I am the best healer, I know that there are better ones out there. Situations like this don’t make me WANT to become better at it though. Why waste my time, if no matter what, I will either always be at fault or never even acknowledged. Rarely if ever do you hear “hey so and so, great healing there!”. Nope, you get reamed if everyone dies or ignored if everything goes well. All this does is make me not want to do it at all and tell folks that ask if I heal that I only DPS (deal damage).

You may ask why I am even bitching about this. It’s a game. It’s little pixels transferred over the internet. The fact of the matter is that I do this to relax and for my enjoyment, and to have some random shit break my balls using incorrect data and no understanding of what my class does pisses me off. So I needed to rant and get it off my chest.

It’s also part of my writing plan, and I warned you didn’t I. 😉


Birthday Present

Even thought the Wife….frowns….on my little habit, she still seems to feed it. Case in point, this gift that she got for me for my birthday.

Here is a blog posts on its use:

Big Red Kitty and the G13

Looking forward to setting this up and getting to use it.

So a big thanks to the Wife, I know she loves me A LOT!!! 😉

Next on my list…..This Thing!!! 😉



Read First

With the upcoming release of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, it seems that Blizzard is going to have some zombie fun.

This also coincides with their annual ‘Hallow’s End‘ seasonal event. Trick or treating throughout the land, magic wands that change you into ninja’s, pirates, and skeletons, battling the Headless Horseman, and even going around and ‘egging’ the opposing factions Seasonal celebrations.

Good times had by all!

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Three days in and what a week! Monday Mayhem

As I sit at my desk Monday afternoon, preparing to pack up and go home, I see a Gmail notification pop in. It is from Blizzard Support and it states that my password change has been successful. That’s great….wait……WHAT???

Password change….I hadn’t changed my password! Hell, I hadn’t even been in the Account Management page for over a month!

I immediately goto the Account Management page and what do you know, I cannot login. Panic immediately struck me….my World of Warcraft account had been hacked! Right at that moment some unscrupulous ass-hamster was probably sharding all my epics, stealing all my gold and deleting all my characters. Over three years of work probably down the drain in no time flat. Plus the possibility of this tool bag using my characters to gain access to the Guild Bank and run off with items that were contributed by other people. Son of A…..!

I reply to the email and tell the Blizzard Support people that I DID NOT change my password. All I get is an automated ‘Thank You’ response. I call the 800 number and after my second attempt to get through one of the most aggravating menu systems on Earth, I am told the directions on how to reset my password using a Secret Question I had created upon initial setup of the account.

A few clicks later and I have regained access to my account. There was nothing more that I could do being at work, and I was cutting it close to missing my train if I did not leave soon. Just to be safe, as I still did not know how it happened, I logged into my bank account (successfully) and reset the password there. I also left a message on my guild forum explaining the situation and telling them to revoke any access my characters might have to prevent possible theft. If my home laptop had been hacked and had a keylogger installed on it, I was in for a world of hurt.

Once home I was able to quickly log into the actual game from a completely different machine and found that nothing appeared to be missing. I fell that I dodged a really big bullet this time. I know folks who have gotten hacked and it’s a pain to try and get everything restore successfully. Usually takes a few weeks as well.

At that point, I decided it was time to secure my laptop and then the rest of my network. I immediately unplugged my laptop from the network and powered it on without any network connection. I logged into my router and changed the password, downloaded the latest firmware, updated it and changed the wireless encryption form WEP to the more secure WPA2 – Personal. If some jackass living nearby thought it would be funny to hack into my network, I wasn’t having any of it.

I dug out the restore disks for my laptop. At first I tried to reconnect my laptop via wireless and try downloading a spyware removal tool to see if it worked, but Vista was too fucking stupid to realize the encryption had changed and to make the connection correctly. So i proceeded to wipe the machine clean (after several failed starts because Dell is just as fucking stupid as Microsoft).

Last night I finally finished updating the laptop (55 Windows updates FTL!!) and begin the re-installation of programs. First was World of Warcraft (which I am still not done with…1 DVD, 4CDs, 800mb+ in patches equals SUCK!) and Firefox. I rebuilt my bookmarks from a backup file I had created in April. I still need a bunch more programs, but at least I am getting there.

You’re probably wondering how this happened. If so, join the club! Because I have no idea at all. I stay away from sketchy sites (for the most part) and the one thing about Vista/IE7 that I do like is that you are ALWAYS notified when something tries to get installed. And I hadn’t noticed anything like that poking it’s nose around.

The only thing that I can think of is actually related to WoW. I had recently downloaded and installed two add-ons to the game. One was a threat monitor that I had used in the past and the other was a Quest Helper that has been raved about by a lot of people. I have a feeling that one of those had a key logger embedded in them. But that still does not sound right, as both are well regarded add-ons. Perhaps it was a goof on the part of Blizzard and one of their DBs had a mental moment.

All I know is that after too many hours of chaos, I seem to be back online for the most part. I guess I ma going to have to go back to being a WoW purest….running with no add-ons at all.

We’ll see how it all goes. I’m just really happy that no one ran off with my imaginary OR my real money. God forbid they got a hold of bank account or Credit Card info….I don’t think I could spend years trying to recover from Identity Theft!

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Wrath of the Lich King

This is why I enjoy the game so much!

Wrath of the Lich King 10 Minutes Trailer from Boubouille on Vimeo.



I’d like to have a rig like this, but I’m afraid the Wife would divorce me! 😉