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Great Pictures

A really cool Flickr set. Check out the Critter and toys section for some laughs.

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Funny, if you were there, but you weren’t

Apparently M. Night Shyamalan is making a live action version of The Last Airbender, which was big with the kids and comic nerds apparently. I actually caught some of it one day while channel surfing, and it was pretty impressive.

Anyway, the guys at Penny Arcade have made a comic about it, and all the funny is in the first panel.

I had a laugh, so might you, but probably not, because you’re dead inside. And yes I do believe I abused the comma in that last sentence. You’re Welcome.

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Full of WIN!

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Interview with a Stick of Butter

Some hilarity.

From @wilw via twitter

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Read the reviews for this item. I think the Ebay guy has a run for his money!



May the Fourth be with You!


Not Just Me

Apparently, there are others that experience my pain.

Nice use of the Five Dragon Aspects as well. 😉

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Is this how it started?

A good possibility that this is where all the chaos began….

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Maybe Too Soon?

No, I don’t think it’s too soon at all!!

This had me cracking up!


For IDR and RP

The Chicken or the Egg?