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She said..

Can we just throw away all the boxes instead of opening them? They contain scary stuff!

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She said…

Me: So the point you are trying to make in this rant about discarding all your worldly possessions and becoming a shaolin monk in the Himalayas is that you packed the green marker?
Her: …………………………… yes, yes….that is what I am trying to say…….


A conversation

As close as I can remember it.

Me: I need some money for the Pizza
Wife: Here take this $20
Wife: I want the change!
Me: Change, what is this change you speak of?
Wife: The change you will get back from the $11 pizza. I want it.
Me: The change?
Wife: Yes, I want change.
Me: Then make sure you vote for Obama!!
Wife: !!!!!!!
Me: :-p

An aside to this conversation….I am all for Obama and the wife is leaning towards Hillary at this time. See….the conversation is FUNNY!


Giving Directions

Weesa has been in Connecticut for the past week since she has started her new job. For right now, she is without a car and thus needs a ride to the train station every morning. She is trying to learn the route we take so that after we return from our honeymoon, she can drive herself to the train station.

So while we are driving, she tries to test her knowledge of the route. She starts to explain it and she does well up to a point. There are a lot of twists and turns coming from the parental units abode to get to the major road that leads straight to the train station. That being the case, it is understandable that for some one who is used to the relative grid system of Dallas/Ft. Worth it can get confusing.

I tried to correct her and go over the turns with her when, in the middle of my explanation, she looks over at me and says “you can stop now, I stopped listening and my mind has moved onto something else”. I had to laugh for two reasons…first this happens all the time (and I admit, once I get to talking I can be dull and over explain things) and secondly it reminded me of this recent comic at Penny Arcade.


A Conversation

[16:40] GF: aaaaaaaaaah
[16:41] GF: connection issues !!!!!
[16:41] ME: did it drop?
[16:41] GF: more than once
[16:41] ME: how many times in the last hour?
[16:42] GF: 2-3
[16:42] ME: have you had to go into the router webpage to re-connect?
[16:43] GF: yep
[16:43] GF: that’s how I got it to reconnect
[16:43] ME: final question ;-)……did you power cycle the modem at all?
[16:44] GF: no. But I did reroute power to the main engines
[16:44] ME: LOL
[16:44] ME: you rock
[16:45] ME: this is getting blogged
[16:46] *** “GF” signed off at Wed Apr 12 16:46:22 2006.
[16:47] *** “GF” signed on at Wed Apr 12 16:47:08 2006.
[16:47] GF: fucking A!

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A true conversation

The GF had just gotten out of the shower and I was heating up some leftovers for her for dinner. Her day had been pretty crappy and I was trying to be as loving as I could without smothering her. So I am standing in the door to the bathroom, watching her put some anti-friz stuff in her hair. I go to walk to the kitchen from the bathroom to check on the food and the conversation goes as follows: (paraphrase as I don’t remeber it exactly)

GF: “Where are you going?”
Me: “I am going to check on the food”
GF: “But why are you going away?”
Me: “So that I don’t burn the food”
GF: “Don’t go”
Me: “OK, but just to be clear, if the food burns it will be my fault, right?”
GF: “Yes”
Me: “OK, just wanted to clarify that”

I truly love this woman and her sense of humor! 😉

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