Bill: watched B roll gameplay footage from D3 Press tour…it looks decent

Jeff: me too
i don’t get all the hate in the comments
looked perfect to me

Bill: yeah
but SWTOR….my god

Jeff: yeah that looks even better

Bill: it looks good, but the story and the lore are being a$$ raped
i’m a stickler for lore in SW though

Jeff: are you referring to the part about how the sith worship that queen spider that gave the first of them their powers?

Bill: i hate you

Jeff: or was it the part where Yoda hides in the fridge to survive the atomic blast?

Bill: Dear Lord, please grant me the mind powers to smite Jeff, from where I sit….Amen

Jeff: I mailed dozens of submissions to help improve the lore

Bill: i bet you did

Jeff: like how Ewoks are actually descendents of wookies, but they shrunk due to the higher gravity on Endor

Bill: please stop…..
everytime you say that, a small part of me wails in infinite pain, and then dies

Jeff: so I should skip the part about yoda being a diminutive gungan…..


Twileks keep all their midichlorians in their tendrils, so if you cut them off they lose their powers…….

Bill: you are enjoying this way too much

Jeff: they can also milk them to give the force to others

Bill: that’s….that’s……omg…evil, pure evil

Jeff: I’ll leave you with this to ponder on:

Bill: you make zorg seem like the ideal candidate to open a daycare for underprivelaged children

Jeff: the greatest Sith of all time was created as the result of a Twilek bukake party


Jeff: there was much hate in him

Bill: < .< >.>
………you’re a bastard…….

Jeff: every time you see the force being used, in the back of your mind you will hear the whisper “Twilek milk….”

Bill: this is going on the website….

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