Conversations with Jeff – Jeff Discovers Kangaroos are Legal in Texas

Primer: Jeff visited a year ago and convinced us to buy a puppy on a whim. We already had one dog. So now, he is on a mission to do the same thing every time he visits.

Jeff: I am going to bring presents for the doggies

Bill: cool, they’ll love to see you

Jeff: I’m basically Indy’s agent, she was on waivers and I got her signed to a 14 year contract

Bill: nice! good work

Jeff: they are having an adoption event at your Petco on 11/2 from 2-6. I’ll see if I can move my flight up

Bill: LOL

Jeff: we can’t break tradition Bill. there must be puppies

Bill: no more puppies Jeff….

Jeff: oh yes Bill, there WILL be puppies. you need a nice dobie to balance out the other 2. maybe we could mix things up, get you a Serval

Bill: no Jeff, that would only lead to bad things

Jeff: you’re right, let’s just play it by ear. but I think we can agree that by saturday evening you will have a new pet

Bill: No Jeff

Jeff: two new pets? how about a Lemur

Bill: no Jeff

Jeff: these guys are near you and they breed Lemurs:

let me know what time we are going to the brewery and I will schedule a visit around that

Bill: #icanteven

Jeff: #howaboutacoatimundi. honestly I am just excited to go pet shopping. i love pet shopping

Bill: lol

Jeff: you know you can own a Kangaroo in your state?

Bill: no, but now I know

Jeff: like, how can you not act on that?

Bill: that is a good question…..right off the top of my head I would say that my HOA won’t allow the extended fence height

Jeff: lower your lawn. done

Bill: I….I can’t…..I can’t argue with that logic

Jeff: you could fill the pouch with ice and beer in the summer probably

i am starting to like your state

Bill: I bet you are LOVING the UI and design of that site

Jeff: i had to close the tab. i know that it exists and that we can get a kangaroo there, that is enough. if we go to dallas we should go there and pet a kangaroo. for science

Jeff: sing along with the words!

“If you’re in Texas, the thing to do”

Bill: no jeff

“Is take your pal to see a Kangaroo!”

“If you own a nice home in the south”

“Buy a Kangaroo to live in your house!”

“The perfect two, you and Roo”

“So many wonderful things to do”

“Watch some tv on your couch!”

“Or store your beer inside it’s pouch”

“They’re great with dogs, they have cool claws”

“To make sure your neighbors obey the laws”

“And if a stranger comes in your house”

“Roo can knock his black ass out! (*the lyrics of this song do not represent the views of this corporation)”

“So now you all know what to do”

“Drive on home and buy a Roo!”

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