Conversation with Jeff – Movie Magic Edition

Jeff : so ghostbusters 3 is a thing…without Murray or Ramis…or Reitman directing, as he has left the project

Bill : it’s gonna be 2 hours of akroyd yelliing about government conspiracies

Jeff : and drinking crystal skull vodka

they said the script doesn’t contain anything for Murray because he was difficult to reach

Jeff : so it was mostly penned by Akroyd and Reitman

I see potential for this project

we could get Guillermo del Torro to direct now

so the ghosts would be pretty epic, but the rest of the story would be pretty flat

or we can get Christopher Nolan to direct, reboot the series, make it dark and gritty

make them paranormal soldiers fighting the first wave of a supernatural war

Bill : oh, oh… Abrams now!!!

Jeff :Abrams would reboot the series where a future Peter comes back in time to try and warn the younger versions of themselves about a demon they encounter that kills the team and opens the mortal realm to the horrors of its dimension

Abrams would keep some of the comedic elements of the originals while also giving the series a more action-oriented, dramatic flavor

Bill : Joss Whedon

Jeff : Joss would set the series closest to the original, with the lighthearted humor that made the first film so successful. He would introduce at least 2 love interests into the team, and I believe one of the Ghostbusters would be female. He would also employ a plot on a far grander scale, with a supernatural enemy that actually is killing people or worse rather than representing some existential dominance scenario

The ghostbusters would also likely exist outside of societal norms, rather than the celebrity status they enjoyed in the first 2 films (though he may lead them into celebrity to introduce the issues it causes them in the next film)

Bill : i <3 you

Jeff : 😉

Bill : Speilberg!

Jeff : Speilberg would likely go with Akroyd and Murray, portraying them in their retirement. The death of Egon would reunite them after a long period of estrangement. At the funeral, a curator of a museum would beg them for help as his daughter has been posessed by an ancient artifact of some sort.

The film would take some heavy judeo-christian undertones, addressing demons and angels rather thank the odd ghosts from the first 2 films

There would still be a fair amount of laughs, with some of the corny nature of the first 2 films

Saving the girl would galvanize the two, making them realize the need for their expertise, which would result with the formation of a new team under their leadership, setting the stage for future films

*care would need to be taken to ensure that a) no fucking aliens AND b) Lucas isn’t made aware of the project until after it has finished editing

Bill : LOL!!!!


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