Too Much LoTR

Jeff: I find myself on a Rush kick today

Bill: tried that one day…not really a fan

Jeff: to be honest I really only like 4 of their songs….
so to say I am on a kick is that I am listening to those songs 🙂

Bill: one being Tom Sawyer?

Jeff: naturally
great base line
Subdivisions is my favorite

Bill: fly by night?

Jeff: the other 2 are Limelight and Roll the Bones

Bill: ok

Jeff: fly by night has too much of a Boston-REO Speedwagon feel to it

Bill: how can you not be a fan of Boston and REO??
you seem the type to start belting out in public

Jeff: the reason you haven’t seen a reunion tour of REO Speedwagon is because I rounded them up, ground their hands to the wrist with a belt sander, hammered railroad spikes into their ears, sliced open their arteries and dragged them behind a salt truck (constantly spraying) at a speed just slow enough to let the pack of wolves nibble and lunge

Bill: ROFL
wow…your hatred runs deep
remind me not to piss you off

Jeff: i would have poured all of my hatred into my ring when it was being made, but the guy was in florida and I didn’t like the idea of blowing up should I lose the finger

Bill: but you’d get to be a really cool disembodied eye surrounded by flames

Jeff: true, but I don’t have Barad’dur
I don’t think they eye thing would be so cool sitting on top of my house
my view would be limited and I think it would freak my neighbor Bob* out

Bill: but you have the cursed souls of REO speedwagon to use to summon those to you who could build it for you
assuming that there are nine of them

Jeff: there were only 5

Bill: and I think Bob is made of sterner stuff…he might be worried about the property value mostly

Jeff: I’ll kill the offspring to round it out

Bill: there you go….or Boston….
whichever is easier
there is Journey too

Jeff: “Hello? Oh hey Bob what’s u….no, man you have it all wrong. See my ring came off and…..No I’m not staring at your daughter’s windows it’s just that……what do you want me to do I HAVE NO FUCKING EYELID!!!”

Bill: LOL
do you think you could check with him ahead of time, see how he might feel about it?
“Hey Bob, how’s winter been treating you? Yeah, I’ve made some long term investments, and if they should fall through, I might need to build a tower to contain the Giant Lidless Eye I’d become if they do go south. Any issues you might have with that, you know…just trying to be a good neighbor and all”

Jeff: I like your approach

Bill: thanks

Jeff: maybe I could pass it off with a “Neighborhood Watch” spin

Bill: see…now you’re thinking!

Jeff: i could save on phone bills too if I just gave people Pilantirs

Bill: you have them all accounted for?

Jeff: no….

Jeff: it’s probably for the best, seeing as how no one knows who made them and as such there are no manuals or tech support for my parents

*Names changed to protect the innocent bystanders and relatively pleasent neighbors

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