Shitty Days Are Shitty

New Hotel. They seem to barely ‘phone it in’ at this one, but the price is close to double.

Horrible ‘free’ breakfast. Once again, see above. Free breakfast voucher didn’t include tip. That seems very odd.

Although hotel is in downtown, unlike the last place, no cabs wait here. So 20 minute wait in the cold for a cab to arrive. He then dropped me off at the wrong spot. Awesome….should have just walked.

Apparently I ‘Hulked Out’ again, and found a rip in my shirt sleeve by the elbow.

Only upside was that the internet wasn’t acting like it was 1995. I hope it holds out.

Shitty Days Are Shitty….

Update: So much for the internet….but on a really good note, the Wife left a card in my bag, which I found when I got back to the room and it brought a smile to my face and made the crap all go away. I Love her so much! 😉

  1. #1 by The Wife on October 6, 2010 7:47 pm - 7:47 pm

    Love you too 😉

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