The Embrace of Pain

(this was from Monday)

The Embrace of Pain is a Yuuzhan Vong device that tests your worthiness through the use of extreme pain. I believe that the person who came up with that fictional idea worked as a cabin designer for American Airlines.
One of the many reasons I dislike flying American is the fact that the coach seats were desgned to hold children, not adults. I am currently squished into a middle seat, with the person in front of me fully reclined into my lap. Both elbows are on padding less arm rests and have been aching since 30 minutes into the flight. My legs are cramped and my ass is asleep.
If you haven’t already guessed, I LOVE flying…

  1. #1 by Jon Angliss on November 3, 2009 10:20 pm - 10:20 pm

    The worst I’ve been on has been the MD-80 with AA. And twice I’ve got stuck at the back next to the engines, literally, the other side of the window (which gives you a nice view of the rivets holding the engine covers on), and the quick curve of the walls because you’re back and side of the plane… most uncomfortable place ever 🙂

    I feel your pain, enjoy your trip 😉

  2. #2 by Monstu on November 4, 2009 1:12 pm - 1:12 pm

    The world just wasn’t made for us. I feel your pain man.

  3. #3 by RnR on November 4, 2009 4:10 pm - 4:10 pm

    I was on the MD-80 for both flights. Middle seat on the way there, and double seat next to the engine bulkhead on the way back. Thankfully the bulkhead allotted me more leg room, and I was able to ignore the engine noise, even though it was right outside the window.

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