I am

I am a gunslinger. I am an off planet leader of an unstoppable army with a terrible purpose. I am an Isreali spy. I am a boy wizard. I am a jedi. I am a drug addicted hacker.

I have watched my loved ones die. More times then I’d like to remember. I have seen empires rise and fall. I have fought the darkest of dark. I have seen the lightest of light. I have seen the internet from the inside, and spoken to it’s mind.

I am all these people, I have done all these things.

I don’t read books…..

I devour them!

If I like a book enough, it’d better be more than one thousand pages or it has three days or less before I am through it. And when I do read them, there best be more to come. My hunger for tales is insatiable.

Books are not my anti-drug, they ARE my drug. They are the drug of my mind. When I am long into a series, deep into the throws of the addiction, I yearn for the feeling of the beginning books. The thrill of the first story, the high of the adventure. And like any drug, you need more and more to get back less and less. There are mood swings, and anger. Moments of joy and the pain of having to continue. And the emptiness of the withdrawal when I am through. It’ll take days for me to stop seeing the antagonists in the real people around me. Weeks for me to stop thinking how a bit of magic, the drawing of a pistol, the hum of a lightsaber could and would solve a pressing issue, or right a wrong.

Reading Rainbow man, Reading Fucking Rainbow…..

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