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I have turned off site comments for a while as my email is getting slammed with notifications of comments that are ALL spam. It seems some internet asshole has found my site and decided that my site would be good place to advertise their garbage.

Hopefully this will deter them.

I’ll give it a week and turn them back on.

UPDATE: Ok. After talking to the admin of the server, he suggested turning on the option that makes anyone wanting to comment to register AND login. Before I go all Orwellian on the comments, I’ll try and give this option a chance.

UPDATE PART DUEX: So after working with the server admin he discovered that the trackback feature I had set (as default) was how they were getting around the authentication thing. After some testing and a nice little MySQL command, everything appears to have been resolved. Comments are on but you have to register and login. Lets hope for the best

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