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And I thought I was bad with money!

Hopefully this trend continues once the Dems take back the White House.

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I hate Politics

I read this article in the most recent edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.

A few days later I saw this on the Daily Show:

And it is so true. The media doesn’t want debates about real issues or real answers from the candidates. The media wants a circus. And the media wants a circus because WE want a circus. And we want a circus because we all have ADD. So the media helps to create a circus to keep us entertained thus raising their ratings, which gets advertisers all hot and bothered because more ratings means more eyes which means more zombies seeing adds for shit they don’t need, and more advertisers wanting more zombies equates to more money for the media, which in turn causes the media to create a BIGGER circus to bring more people in! So it turns into a self propagating cycle of destruction. A perpetual motion machine that panders to the lowest common denominator. It was said the best in Fight Club; “On a long enough time line, everyone’s survivability rate goes to zero”. Keep pandering to the lowest common denominator and eventually you end up with nothing.

Sad thing is, short of some Terrible Purpose, I don’t see any way out of it.

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I’m scared

I was listening to NPR the other day on the way home and heard this interview with Newt Gingrich (I suggest listening to the audio if you get the chance). Scary thing is that what he said made sense to me and I found myself agreeing with him……some one hold me…….

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Uncle Sam

What he wants! (might not be safe for work 😉 )



I just read this, and I am chilled to the bone…..

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