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You Don’t Want To Hear It

I could talk your ear off right now with what is going on and the line of nonsense I am having to deal with, but I refrain from discussing here. Although I am not entirely content, I do not want to dooce myself.

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Thoughts from the Europe Trip

On my recent travels to Europe, I brought along a Field Notes Brand Memo Book and another journal to write in. The FNB memo book is small and fit in my pants pocket for the quick note taking that I might need.

The other journal book was for those times in the room or on the plane I might need to write more.

During the entire trip I re-read the first three books of the Dark Tower series (Gunslinger, Drawing of the Three and Wastelands) as well as re-reading of American Gods. Some of the comments I jotted down came from the fact that things spoken about while touring the cities related back to the books.

In Barcelona, I wasn’t struck by much that was comment worthy, and I believe that the pictures that my wife and I took are enough. We had an EXCELLENT time in that city, even though it seems that smoking is a national past time there.

Once we hit Italy, and Florence in particular, I found that I spent more time reading and as such, what I mentioned about finding things that coicidentially related to the Dark Tower stories happened.

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I have Returned

Back from a wonderful trip around Spain and Italy. I will have some pictures (A LOT of pictures) and some thoughts written up over the next few days.

For now, laundry and email catch-up.

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I have setup a Tumblr account so that I can post pictures more easily, and from my iPhone. It can be reached by this link, or by the link on the side bar labeled ‘Tumblr Photo Stream’.

I tend to take pictures with my iPhone and then stylize them using Instagram, Hipstomatic, and Tiny Planet. I do have the WordPress App installed, but I wanted to try something that was designed for quick post usage.

I’ll be posting a bunch over the next few days as I have several sitting on my phone that I want to share. And then posts will come as I am inspired from there.

Go check it out!

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PAX East 2011 Bound – Boston, MA

Bag: Packed
Flight: Checked In
Boarding Pass: Printed
Phone: Charged
Camera: Ready

I am heading to Boston again this year for the Penny Arcade Expo East 2011.

Once again staying with the illustrious, criminally handsome, dangerously intelligent, and all around good sport, Jeff (from Conversations with Jeff Fame).

This year the roster has expanded to include 3 newcomers, and the extended stay of one that was with us last year.

I am planning to post pictures and stories here, on Twitter (@RnR77), Facebook (if we’re friends, you’ll see them) and on my Flickr page. We’ll see how that goes.

More to come!!

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Right In Front of My Face

Warning: Work Related

Ran into an issue recently. I have to connect via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to a Server 2k8 VM that is running a SQL DB for a portion of my current project. Standard stuff, no issue.

While connected I need to run an import batch file that extracts and imports *.CAB files containing information about MS Office files. It’s all part of Microsofts OMPM application. More pretty standard stuff, once you read up on it.

Issue that I ran into was that the RDP session, once I disconnected (which allows ALL the programs running to continue) would timeout after 30 minutes and clear the session. This had the wonderful affect of stopping all running applications and batch processes.

I knew this had to be a setting. I knew it. Yet I could not find it.

Finally, after several iterations of the search term in Google, I found a forum post that, although not the exact answer I was looking for, made the way a bit clearer.

Come to find out, the answer was right in front of my face the entire time. However, due to the way MS sorts their Start Menu and subsequent sub menus, I was totally missing it.

+1 to me KNOWING that it HAD to be an easily accessible setting and not stopping until I found it.

-1 for me not paying attention.

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It is good to be home. Most folks can agree that being home puts the world around you at ease and helps you re-focus.

This is especially true when you travel a good deal, and even more so if you travel for work.

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How this is Going to Go Down

I’m sticking to it so far, which is good, becuase by this point I have already missed a day. :-p

Although I am doing this for NaBloPoMo and I am using the guidance for a theme given by that site, I’m not going to rigidly stick to it. I don’t think that will disqualify my efforts (not like there is an award or anything) but if it doesn’t ‘count’ so be it. I’m doing this for myslef as much as for anyone else.

So expect more than just word themed posts for the month of March. Although I will try to tailor as many as possible to the theme, I don’t want to be so rigidly confined. It kinda defeats the purpose.

I’ll be trying my hand at more fictional stories, and also day to day monotony of life. And with the frequency that Jeff and I talk, there’s bound to be at least one or more ‘Conversations with Jeff’. 😉

Next weekend I will be attending the PAX East 2011 with Jeff and a few others. I am hoping to live blog from the event as well as take lots of pictures. We’ll see how that all works out as I will also be knee deep in video games, booze, and food. 😉



I actually had this dream the other night, but it has stuck with me so I figure it is worth writing about. That being the case, today’s word is Dream.

A bit of a preface first. Killer aliens and monsters freak me the hell out. I saw Aliens for the first time when I was 10 and had to watch it in the middle of the day. Same goes with Predator and Predator 2. After seeing Signs, I was freaked out walking anywhere near forested areas at night. Although I can, and do, watch any of these movies when they are TV. However, I refuse to watch any Jason or Freddie movie and don’t even get me started on zombie movies. Even though I am vehemnetly anti-zombie, I always tend to linger to long when an ‘Of the Dead’ movie is on…knowing full well that sleep will not be forth coming if I continue watching. I can handle reading about zombies though. The only side affect being compulsive ‘how would I survive if..’ thinking. For instance, after reading World War Z, I began to analyze the ability to defend any location I was in from a zombie attack. Basically I’m a sucker for most these movies, even though I end up paying some price later on.

Now that you have that relevant and world view changing information, let me create the setting for you. I will draw comparisons to movies that one might have seen to help with visualization.

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The Posts of the Beast

Jeff will find ifinite amusement in this. Although this Post does iterate that number

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