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Déjà Vu

I know I have said this before, and I know that I will probably say it again. I also know that unless I CHOOSE to change things, I will ALWAYS have to deal with this. That still is not going to stop me from complaining about it…

If I worked in the financial industry, I would be expected to have a solid understanding of finance (HA!)

If I worked in the Construction field, I would be expected to have a solid understanding of construction.

See where I am going here?

Now why is it that people who work in the computer industry (hardware & software) seem to lack the basic understanding of a computer?

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City People with Toy Dogs

I love dogs. No matter the shape, size or intelligence. I had a housemate that had a big dumb cross eyed Malamute that shit on my jacket once….but I still thought that damn dog was awesome. I knew a dog that would pee at the slightest high pitch noise. I also knew a dog that dug through two walls sheetrock to get at a cat. But I liked each of those animals.

I even have a soft spot for those tiny dogs that people walk around with.

My problem isn’t with the dogs, it’s with the people.

Does anyone know why they insist on bringing the animals into stores? Or carrying them everywhere they go? Are they THAT dependent on having something, anything, love them unconditionally?

Do they realize that while they are standing there fixing their coffee, ignoring the animal completely, it has wrapped itself around their legs and is attempting to do the same with me? Ultimately causing them to spill their coffee on me?

It’s even better when they leave the animal chained to a parking meter/bike rack out front? I am waiting for one of three things to happen:

  1. The dog attacks some schmuck that tries to pet it
  2. The thing gets all hyper and runs far enough into the street to get hit by a car
  3. It gets stolen/hurt by some assclown

Common sense folks. Walk the dog before you go for your morning routine. And if you want to spend time with that animal THAT much, take your coffee and paper home with you instead.

I respect that fact that you are trying to give a loving home to an animal in this ciy. I am doing the same thing. But you walking around and expecting EVERYONE to give you that respect gives you, and every other city dog owner, a bad name.

And don’t even get me started about the ones that don’t pick up after their dog…..nothing gets me more riled then getting yelled at because I own a dog (which automatically makes me at fault) just because some other lazy shit didn’t pick up after their dog.

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Great Article from the editors of the New Yorker
The Choice

Twice today I have had a similar conversation with two separate people regarding the next president. Both times had the same outcome.

I am not ‘Joe Six Pack’
I am not a ‘Good Ol’ Boy’
I am not ‘Down Home’
I think saying ‘Gee Golly’ makes you sound like a moron
I think saying ‘gosh darnit’ makes you sound like a repressed moron
I do not want to sit down with my president and have a beer

I WANT my president to be highly educated
I WANT my president to speak eloquently
I WANT my president to be respected by the international elite
I WANT my president to be even tempered and thoughtful

We’ve had eight long and horrible years of morons in Washington. We need some one smart and serious in there. A man that will think first, ask the hard questions, and then as needed wield the stick. We do not need another gun slinging hothead and his trusty yet shady sidekick. A man of the people does not need to relate to the people on a personal level, a man of the people has to do what is right for the people as a whole.

I do hope that my choice does turn out to be the right choice.


Starbucks is pulling a Fast One

I drink Starbucks coffee. It’s not that horrible, and if I find a shop that isn’t too busy, the experience isn’t too bad either.

I have eaten their food as well. At most, it’s meh; at worst it’s cardboard.

Recently, having gotten feedback that their place smells like McDonald’s because of all the breakfast sandwiches they were making, the Bucks cut back on the sandwiches and introduced some other breakfast items. Namely fancy pants oatmeal and a multigrain bun. Apparently the oatmeal is a big hit as well.

Well I liked to tell you something about that oatmeal, and I’ll do it slowly so that everyone understands;

Don’t think that it is some fancy, hand crafted oatmeal….it comes from a pouch! The same pouch that you get from a package of Instant Oatmeal from a supermarket. All they do is add a little packet of dried fruits and sell it to you for $3.25!!!

Here’s an idea….goto the supermarket, buy it all yourself (spending about $5-$6) and you’ll end up having the same delicious oatmeal for 12 days for the cost of getting a barista to pour the packet and the hot water into a cardboard cup for you TWICE!

One might say to me, “R&R…why don’t you do the same with coffee” my answer to that is threefold:

  1. I like their coffee and I do not want to drink the shit-tar at the office
  2. I don’t like having to make coffee at home and then try to drink it on a crowded, shaky subway
  3. And finally, unlike their coffee (which they put SOME effort into) this stuff comes from a packet YOU CAN BUY AT A WAL-MART!!

See what I am saying…this isn’t any kind of ‘Artisan’ oatmeal you are getting. It’s pre-packed low level consumer grade crap.

Stop being sheep people.


Listening to me

To: Everyone
From: Me
RE: Listening to me

I know what I am talking about. Trust me when I say this. Trust me to not talk about things I have no knowledge of. Trust me to also find the correct information if I do not have it. I am right more often then I am wrong. And when I am wrong, I am usually very humble about it and will admit my mistake.

That being the case, it would benefit you more often than not to listen to what I say. Don’t cut me off, don’t dismiss me, and don’t look at me like I don’t know what I am talking about.

Just because you went to an Ivy League doesn’t change this. Pedigree means shit to me. My mutt can kick your pure breed’s inbred ass.

To summarize; Listen to me and trust in me, I will not steer you wrong.


I hate Politics

I read this article in the most recent edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.

A few days later I saw this on the Daily Show:

And it is so true. The media doesn’t want debates about real issues or real answers from the candidates. The media wants a circus. And the media wants a circus because WE want a circus. And we want a circus because we all have ADD. So the media helps to create a circus to keep us entertained thus raising their ratings, which gets advertisers all hot and bothered because more ratings means more eyes which means more zombies seeing adds for shit they don’t need, and more advertisers wanting more zombies equates to more money for the media, which in turn causes the media to create a BIGGER circus to bring more people in! So it turns into a self propagating cycle of destruction. A perpetual motion machine that panders to the lowest common denominator. It was said the best in Fight Club; “On a long enough time line, everyone’s survivability rate goes to zero”. Keep pandering to the lowest common denominator and eventually you end up with nothing.

Sad thing is, short of some Terrible Purpose, I don’t see any way out of it.

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Pot to Kettle: Is that Black You’re Wearing?

While surfing the information wave earlier this afternoon I came across this gem at the Register:

George Lucas bitch slaps Spider-Man 3

Apparently once you have millions upon millions of dollars you get to have Titanium Plated Brass Balls….

I love this quote:

Lucas said: “It’s silly. It’s a silly movie. There just isn’t much there. Once you take it all apart, there’s not much story, is there?”

And then this one:

“People thought Star Wars was silly, too,” said Lucas. Heaven forbid. “But it wasn’t,” he added.

You’re right George, Star Wars wasn’t silly. But Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith were downright stupid! He has got A LOT of balls to talk bad about other movies after the atrocities that were those three movies. He single handedly took an exciting story with a great sense of adventure and turned it into a treatise on two things: bad acting and over-use of special effects.

At least the Spider-Man franchise realizes it’s a comic book. Sir George of CrazyLand thinks that the recent editions to the Star Wars saga were epic cinema.

It really proves a theory of mine…..the more money a person has the less they think. They pay people to do it for them.

I cannot wait until I have oodles and oodles of money….this thinking stuff is for the birds!


Passing the buck

NOTHING pisses me off more than when some one says “that’s not my job” and then does nothing else. You know what I have to say to that..


If I am asking you to do something it usually means that I believe it is part of your job. People I have dealt with in the past that do your job have done these things for me. I DON’T CARE if it’s not YOUR JOB! The smart thing to do would be to point me in the right direction. The FUCKING IDIOTIC thing to do is end the conversation right there.

I have come to the conclusion that humanity is to fat and stupid to continue on. I will GLADLY throw all of you under the bus for our Future Robot Masters. Plug me int the Matrix, I’m done with this shit!

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Some Thoughts

Time for some clearing of thoughts that I have been meaning to put down to digital paper. It seems the best time for me to be creative is waiting for my oil to be changed at 8 in the morning.

Breaking News
I’m tired of the constant ‘Breaking News’ on ALL of the news channels. Ever since the World Trade Center attacks (I refuse to use the media induced monikers anymore) every little thing that happens is beaten to death by pundits and talking heads. These fucking morons have no idea as they are not there right that moment. And if they were there, they sure as hell wouldn’t be reverse psycho-analyzing the situation from the prospective of the American Public. This chicken shit armchair warriors would be running, screaming, and defecating all over themselves. I really wish they’d shut the hell up.
I don’t mind a blurb and updates, they are useful, but when the authorities need to make a statement (when they have no information) just because the media and the ‘ American Public’ demand it, I think we might be going to far. This is just my opinion though.

Going to Hell in a Handbasket

So I watched the Matrix again the other night. I can’t get enough of that movie. It was the last movie that I was able to see that wasn’t spoiled by the media and the internet. I would say it was both the Alpha and Omega. It was the beginning of the next great use of sci-fi and storytelling and it was the end of being surprised by movies. After that the internet really took off and the 24 hour media service really started. Now you hear about a movie 2 years in advance and know all about it and the fucking political and emotional feelings of the actors years before it is released. By the time it does come out, I am so sick and tired of hearing about it that I could care less about the damn movie. It really was the movie that removed the curtain and showed us all that the All Powerful Wizard was a short bald man pulling a bunch of levers.

As I write this entry I am starting to see a trend, and I am guessing you notice it as well. I hate mass media. Correction, I hate THE media. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Extra, Access Hollywood, tabloids. They say they are there to feed the consumers want for news and entertainment news when in fact they create the news and force feed it to the masses, making them THINK they need and and making them want more. Kinda like crack, yet digital. By the way, did you know that this week is Turn off TV Week? Heard that on NPR today. Guess where you didn’t hear it?

I don’t know. I see that there needs to be a change. I can sense it. However, humanity does not like change. Humans are a creature of habit. It is a drawback to being at the top of the food chain. I fear the change as well. Not because it is change, but because of the cataclysmic event that must occur to make that change.

I have just seen a lot lately that has made me think. And it has made me scared as well.

It’s funny where the High Speed Bullet Train of Thought can take you.


You, me and the Internet makes 3

A few weeks back I was listening to an NPR interview with the director of The Last Mimzy and apparently a big wig with New Line Cinema. The interview itself was not that interesting, however this guy did say something that has stuck with me. He said that he feels that humanity is not mature enough for the Internet. He believes that the more technology we have to communicate with each other the less we interact with each other. This of course is paraphrased, but I think you get that idea.

It is an interesting opinion if you think about it. Our hubris makes us think that we are spectacular for creating, using, and revolutionizing the Internet. When in fact, we may have just created something that we cannot control, that we abuse, and that will eventually bring about our downfall.

I mention this because I have been receiving a lot of forwards recently. In the past I would have ranted about them and what not. I guess I am growing up and learning.

I don’t like forwards. Don’t send them to me. If you get one, research the information first before sending it on. More than likely you’ll find that it is not true.

I just thought I’d share.