Some Music

Since my purchase of my Shiny Black Symbol of Trendy-Ness I have been listening to my music more often and actually putting effort into playlists.

Recently I put together a CD for my car with an eclectic combination of music to say the least. Everyhting from Outkast, to Johnny Cash, to Weird Al, to the Pixies and Godsmack. My favorite part is in the middle; the playlist goes as follows:

Johnny Cash – Hurt
Kirstin Hersch & Michael Stipe – Your Ghost
Pixies – Where is My Mind
Soul Coughing – $300

It is an area of slow melodies and haunting voices. A section where the songs are about the frailty of the human being and the mind.

It really is a moving, if not strange, session.

In other music news, my copy of the Protomen’s album came in yesterday and it rocks just like I heard.

Gonna listen to that until I wear it out probably. IDR and RP, I really think you’d both enjoy it. If you want, I’ll make some copies (since the site admin no likey when I try to put mp3’s up for download! 😉 )

Correction: The Shiny Black symbol of Trendy-Ness was a Christmas gift from my wonderful fiance Theresa. I apologize for the miscommunication

  1. #1 by Anonymous on January 11, 2006 8:57 am - 8:57 am

    Thought your black shiny trendyness was a Christmas gift to you from the GF…

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