What We Do

We march for the kingdom under the mountain
Whose king has returned to stone
And is now ruled by three

We march for the slave who saved his people
Bringing honor and strength
Were once was only corruption

We march for the boy who would be king
And his father, now returned
But still broken in two

We march for the lady of the night
Who met death defending life
And spends death plotting vengeance

We march for the lady of the moon
And the father of the trees
Who saved us from the brink
Thru love eternal

We march for the bulls of the plains
Led to peace by the father, thus slain
And led by the son, determined to save the future

We march for the prophet
Whose people have fought the evil since time began
And no longer have a home of their own

We march for the fair skinned
Whom fell to their darkest desires
And have returned to their glory

We march for the tinkerers
Whose stature is small
But whose bravery stretch to the heavens

We march for the tusked outcasts
Who found a home with the gladiator slave
And stand by his side unquestionably

We march for the cursed
Who paid the price for their hubris
And now humbly work to redeem themselves

We march for the entrepenuers
For whom neutrality
No longer made business sense

This is what we do….

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