I found this amusing

So I am trolling the WoW forums for the server I am on and I come across a thread talking about warnings and bannings for swearing. These four posts I found amusing. They are about boobs….hehe

Post 1: I love how this game ‘for the kids’ is full of well endowed women…. but thats a good image to be sending the younger players

Post 2: Um I didn’t know big tits were sending messages. And if so what are these messages.

Post 3: I dunno, but they can tell me just about anything and I’ll listen >,< Post 4: They speak very softly. You have to put your ear up against them to hear. Its kind of like a seashell. There you go folks, from me to you. Boobs are sending us messages and to hear them we have to get REALLY close and listen.....like seashells.

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