Radio Free Internet

So the other day I was checking out Kotaku for current gaming news and I cam across this post. That led me to this post on the site Radio Free Internet.

Now this is the coolest thing…not only did I get to here tracks from a rock opera about Mega Man (which in of itself is awesome) but I was introduced to a site that promotes music that is not very mainstream AND really good. It’s exactly the kind of place that I needed to find.

Since the destruction of Napster by the RIAA (with the initial help by Lars) and the utter coporatization of the music and radio industry *cough*Clear Channel*cough* I have been disgusted with music and performers. I have only purchased a few CDs since Napster went down. In fact I used to buy MORE CDs when Napster was working…..but that is neither here nor there.

Anyway, Radio Free Internet just might be the place that re-affirms my hope for music.

I hope.

  1. #1 by borommakot on December 5, 2005 7:26 pm - 7:26 pm

    Check this out:

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