A conversation

[11:44] R&R: you’re awesome
[11:44] IDR: i know
[11:44] R&R: i soooo wanna be you
[11:44] IDR: i know
[11:44] IDR: but
[11:44] IDR: the closest you can get is in my pants
[11:46] R&R: well….i’ll just have to look at it in mathematical terms…..I can never really reach zero, only come really really close……so I can never be you but I can get really really close
[11:46] IDR: lol– if you weren’t at work id say something that would blow your socks off…
[11:46] R&R: go for it
[11:47] IDR: kinda built it up now…
[11:47] IDR: you will be sadly disappointed
[11:48] R&R: go for it
[11:48] IDR: i want you inside me
[11:48] R&R: ROFL
[11:48] IDR: 🙂
[11:49] R&R: granted, it’d be funnier in person, but it still works
[11:49] IDR: indeed
[11:49] R&R: i’m actually a bit creeped out
[11:49] IDR: lol
[11:49] IDR: yeah
[11:49] IDR: me too
[11:49] IDR: i got that from a drawn together episode
[11:49] R&R: even over IM…it just doesn’t seem….I don’t know……right
[11:49] IDR: the spunge bob charecter says that to another dude
[11:50] R&R: lol
[11:50] R&R: that is a disturburbing show

  1. #1 by The Wife on February 27, 2008 1:13 pm - 1:13 pm

    Ah, family. 😉

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