I had this whole big post written about it using the QuickPost option in the WP dashboard, but then it borked out and I lost the whole damn thing….I’m just a little bit pissed because I thought it was some really good writing.

Now you get the summary. It was awesome and strange at the same time. There was the time difference (which I had hard time wrapping my head around) and the cultural differences, but at the same time the striking similarities. If you removed the signage on the roads and buildings, it could have been a Midwestern US city with a smog problem. And the way that the progress is happening as the locals hang on to traditions is amazing. Imagine a donkey pulled cart loaded with goods waiting next to a 2009 Mercedes at the same red light.

I really enjoyed it, even though I didn’t have the ‘down and dirty’ cultural experience that you see on those travel channel shows.

I can imagine myself living there, and would jump at the opportunity to if it should ever arise.

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