City People with Toy Dogs

I love dogs. No matter the shape, size or intelligence. I had a housemate that had a big dumb cross eyed Malamute that shit on my jacket once….but I still thought that damn dog was awesome. I knew a dog that would pee at the slightest high pitch noise. I also knew a dog that dug through two walls sheetrock to get at a cat. But I liked each of those animals.

I even have a soft spot for those tiny dogs that people walk around with.

My problem isn’t with the dogs, it’s with the people.

Does anyone know why they insist on bringing the animals into stores? Or carrying them everywhere they go? Are they THAT dependent on having something, anything, love them unconditionally?

Do they realize that while they are standing there fixing their coffee, ignoring the animal completely, it has wrapped itself around their legs and is attempting to do the same with me? Ultimately causing them to spill their coffee on me?

It’s even better when they leave the animal chained to a parking meter/bike rack out front? I am waiting for one of three things to happen:

  1. The dog attacks some schmuck that tries to pet it
  2. The thing gets all hyper and runs far enough into the street to get hit by a car
  3. It gets stolen/hurt by some assclown

Common sense folks. Walk the dog before you go for your morning routine. And if you want to spend time with that animal THAT much, take your coffee and paper home with you instead.

I respect that fact that you are trying to give a loving home to an animal in this ciy. I am doing the same thing. But you walking around and expecting EVERYONE to give you that respect gives you, and every other city dog owner, a bad name.

And don’t even get me started about the ones that don’t pick up after their dog…..nothing gets me more riled then getting yelled at because I own a dog (which automatically makes me at fault) just because some other lazy shit didn’t pick up after their dog.

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