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When All Are One

This is a nifty little gadget

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I just realized that I currently have 5 email addresses.

And I check each one of them rather frequently.

Does that mean I have an Internet problem?

UPDATE: Make that 6 email addresses….I just realized that I had another one. I think I have a problem



Is it that time already!? (looks at watch)

Why Yes it is!!

It’s new phone time!!! 😉


New iPod Shuffle Ad

I am a wanna be Mac Whore 😉

New iPod Shuffle Ad

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Bit Torrent

A graphical representation of how Bit Torrents work using Java. Good stuff

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This MIGHT just break my Warcraft addiction….Weesa dear, I’m gonna need an Xbox 360 😉


More Mac Goodness

I’m really thinking that a Mac might be the way to go 😉

Leopard Demo

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New Phone

I purchased the Samsung D807 about a month ago and switched from Sprint to Cingular. Both were good moves on my part. And the cool thing about it is that it is a slide phone. Somewhat similar to the first cellphone I fell in love with, the one from the Matrix. So I am stoked that I have a fancy phone with kick ass service and text messaging abilities. Now my only problem is whether to get a Bluetooth handset or go with something a bit more retro. What do you think? 😉

On the subject of text messaging, I have a little story about it.

I wanted a new phone and Sprint, in my opinion, has crappy phones. And I am not to fond of the service either. So after constant crying about wanting a RAZR and pushing to change carriers, the finance acquiesced. So we hit the cingular store one day and I notice something, something that I didn’t want to see before….EVERYONE has a fricken’ RAZR…EVERYONE!! So I am thinking to myself, why the hell would I want one?? And I don’t even think they are made from metal and glass anymore like the original ones were. Now it’s just crappy plastic manufactured in a third world sweat shop (GO GO GLOBALIZATION!!). So now I am at an impasse….what phone do I get. I am looking around and I see the D807 and my interest is piqued. It’s shiny, it’s small, it’s got a cool slide action going on and apparently it is brand new. DING DING!! I go for it and I love it. So the finance and I go for the family share plan (awwwww) and she ends up with the Nokia 6682 (after trying the Cingular 2250). So anyway, to get the rebates on the phones we both have to sign up for media packages (text messaging/Internet access/etc..). Now for me this is a necessity because I get text messages to my phone from my work servers telling me all kinds of nice things like system down, cannot ping, hard drive space used up, the hamster powering the UPS has died, and so forth. I went ahead and signed up for the 1000 text message plan. Now the finance on the other hand doesn’t need this stuff and kinda balked at it. The service rep helping us said to keep it for a month or until we get our rebates and than cancel the media package for her. So we get our phones and happiness ensues.

A few days later the finance gets a text message from a friend in NYC. And she text messages back. And then she receives another one. And she replies back. And then she sends me one. And I reply back. And then she visits her friend for a long weekend and I receive photos from here as well. You see where this is going, right? Seems some one likes to text message.

So I don’t think that canceling the media package is gonna work. Cause hell, I sure ain’t paying $.10 a message!

And anyway, I am gonna be switching to another media package with less messages anyway for another reason all together. You’ll probably already know what I mean by time you read this post.

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Site Comments

I have turned off site comments for a while as my email is getting slammed with notifications of comments that are ALL spam. It seems some internet asshole has found my site and decided that my site would be good place to advertise their garbage.

Hopefully this will deter them.

I’ll give it a week and turn them back on.

UPDATE: Ok. After talking to the admin of the server, he suggested turning on the option that makes anyone wanting to comment to register AND login. Before I go all Orwellian on the comments, I’ll try and give this option a chance.

UPDATE PART DUEX: So after working with the server admin he discovered that the trackback feature I had set (as default) was how they were getting around the authentication thing. After some testing and a nice little MySQL command, everything appears to have been resolved. Comments are on but you have to register and login. Lets hope for the best

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My Throne

I want this for Christmas.

And here is the official site.