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What are we doing this for?

I believe I can see the future, cause I repeat the same routine.

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Learning to Ride a Bike

This is really cool. I can’t get enough of engineers. I always enjoyed listening to my engineer buddies talk shop although I could never seem to wrap my head around the mathematics involved in it all.

Don’t know though if this is really a good thing for kids. They SHOULD fall down while learning to ride a bike, it builds character!! 😉

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Are you ready!?!?!

Got this in a email today.

The committee is reviewing the most updated information and “best practices” and is working to develop a business continuity plan so that our company is well prepared, should the flu spread to areas in which our associates live and work. We will keep you updated as progress is made on this project.

So basically we’re preparing to prepare to be prepared for a possible pandemic so that the company will still run if said pandemic incapacitates it’s workforce. Comforting to know that if I am in a hospital bed dying, the company will be able to get some one to do my job.


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I got an idea….

Instead of talking to dead hippies, why don’t these freaks get of their fucking asses and actually fight the injustice and hatred to bring about peace!!!!

I’m getting fucking tired of it all……

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Mind Dump

Because I need to.

Planning a wedding is a pain. Hindsight being 20/20 I wish I knew then what I know now. We should have ALWAYS planned to have a small intimate destination wedding. Spending craploads of money that you don’t have and not getting what you want is not a good idea and I am glad we discovered this early enough to make the change. I am sorry some folks won’t be able to make it…but overall I think everyone is happier…including me and the fiance! We are actually EXCITED about this plan, which is making life seem more alive and wonderful.

Now the hard part is coordinating where to stay and where to have the event. At least we have the general location set! ;-). Both of us feel that once we have this planned we can basically sit back and wait for the date. I SO hope that will be the case.

Music wise I have been on a retro (at least for me) kick. Songs that defined my highschool and college experiences. Times that I remember fondly and sometimes long for the simplicity of. I have been listening to alot of Nirvana lately. It’s interesting listening to the change from Bleach to In Utero and than the almost ‘Old Age’ Rocker sound of their MTV Unplugged Set. It’s amazing how quickly and brightly their star burned. You wonder sometimes how their music would have sounded if Cobain hadn’t taken his life in 1994. Would they have survived the fickle tastes of the music industry and continued to rock?

I am thinking I am going to go finish off my Nirvana collection by purchasing Nirvana (basically the greatest hits), With the Lights Out , and From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

I’m also gonna grab Journals, the reprint of Kurt Cobain’s notebooks. I have a Barnes and Noble gift card that I can use for that! (Thanks Sis!)

Two other things have come up recently are things concerning my career. One is that I am getting tired with the IT industry and I don’t know where I am going with my current job….the whole ‘where do you want to be in five years’ and ‘what do you see as your future in your industry’. Two questions I ALWAYS fail miserably at. I truly don’t know where I want to be or what I want o be doing in five years….and that makes it all the more worrisome at times. The other thing is that I might be getting the opportunity to expand my position to encompass the network administration that I am interested in. The server management, the infrastructure management, and such. So do I start looking to change or what? I am thinking I might go back to school, I just don’t know for what? Engineering, Mathmatics, teaching? I just don’t know. Just something else to pile up onto the ‘Things I need to do’ pile.

Oh and I still don’t think I am playing ENOUGH World of Warcraft! :-p

That’s about all I got for now. I have said it before and I will say it again…expect more of these in the future