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It speaks for itself

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Not so much of a waste of time now is it? 😉


Warcraft Update

I’m still playing. It’s still a lot of fun for me and a good way for me to vent my frustrations. Kudos go out to the Blizzard Team for designing and implementing a beautiful landscape and engaging environment.

I am very close to level 70 (current level cap) and I am looking forward to exploring more of the post 70 game content. Here is a current picture of my main toon and my alternate toon. Both are in the 60+ level range and are able to explore the content of the Burning Crusade Expansion that came out in February.

Here are links to the equipment as well. Blizzard implemented something called the Armory, where you can look up the in game statistics of the characters in the game.



And RP, I still Roll Twenties….I just don’t have to hold the dice.


I have seen Heaven…

….and in it, my computer does this


As if you guys didn’t know…

Totally addicted
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My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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I found this amusing

So I am trolling the WoW forums for the server I am on and I come across a thread talking about warnings and bannings for swearing. These four posts I found amusing. They are about boobs….hehe

Post 1: I love how this game ‘for the kids’ is full of well endowed women…. but thats a good image to be sending the younger players

Post 2: Um I didn’t know big tits were sending messages. And if so what are these messages.

Post 3: I dunno, but they can tell me just about anything and I’ll listen >,< Post 4: They speak very softly. You have to put your ear up against them to hear. Its kind of like a seashell. There you go folks, from me to you. Boobs are sending us messages and to hear them we have to get REALLY close and seashells.

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World Of Warcraft Update

Not that anyone cares, but last evening the Guild that I am in, SWAT, took down the main boss in Molten Core. Looking forward to taking another stab at it on Friday.

Click here to see the group photo. The mace in the background is the weapon of the creature, so you can get an idea of the size of the beast. I’ll take and post some screenshots on Friday when I am in there at the next attempt at him.



Check this out.

Just when you thought Leeroy was lost to the dragons!


Warcraft Update

Check it out!!

I hit level 60 yesterday while playing…finally! I have been playing since March, and as a casual player it has been very frustrating to get to this point. There is a command in game that lets you see how much you have been playing and when i ran it after hitting sixty, it was something like 17 days and 8 hours.

So if real life would back off, I could get a new character to level sixty in 2 weeks….and then of course drop dead from exhaustion/blood poisoning/dehydration etc…

So now I get to start doing the end game content stuff and get the epic quality loot.

Oh and work on getting my other 6 characters to 60 as well! 😉