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Picture Pages, Picture Pages

Added some photos of the GF onto my flickr site. I also added the picture of my Level 60 World of Warcraft character.

I shall be adding more pictures as I come across them.

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This place pays for itself!

I’m better than Il Diavoletto Rosso (???)!!

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

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More site changes

I created a new page that will contain my attempts at writing. It should be to the right of this post and at the top of the sidebar. The first one listed was written about 5 years ago and the second is a more recent addition. As you can see I’m very prolific…:-P

I have been inspired again to write another Warcraft story, taking some of the critiques from my first one and making it more descriptive in certain parts. I will also attempt to paint a clearer picture for the reader….and bring about world peace.

Speaking of World of Warcraft, I have posted on Flickr the character selection screens from my account. take a look if you so choose.

And finally, a message to RP: I don’t wear khaki’s and my hair is more ‘scruffy looking’ than short. So STOP OPPRESSING ME!!! (damn dirty hippie) :-p

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So I wanted to do the cool Flickr thing that lets you have sidebar pictures…well it didn’t really work out well. So now if you hit the Pictures Link, you’ll be sent to Flickr and to my profile. I have been posting pictures throughout today and hopefully it will prompt me to start using my digital camera and taking more pictures.

For now enjoy the pics of my dog, my girlfriend, my friends, and myself!

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New Feature

As you might notice, the quotes are now up and running thanks to Zombie Robot and the amazing WP Quotes Plugin for WordPress. I love this SO much more than blogger!

There was a request for more ‘Bill Head’ seeing as it is lacking in the new blog. I think instead of a cam picture I am going to setup a flickr account and use a plugin to show recent pictures. It might just force me to start using my digital camera more often! 😉

That’s it for now.

You can see different quotes by refreshing the page. You’ll also notice that the Blogroll list randomly sorts everytime you refresh as well.

I love randomness, it makes me happy. Like Jello…Jello makes me happy, and puppies, and dynamite, and a payloader, yeah yeah…

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Chugging Along

Look at that!

2 hours into the new look and already I have things moving forward. Links, Webcomics and Blogroll are all listed.

I shall continue working on this. Once again, if there are any suggestions, let me know


New Look, New Backend

Good morning,

Welcome to the new look of Ranting and Raving. It seems that some piece of code fuxored up the look in IE and Blogger support hasn’t gotten back to me. So, I decided to go with a new backend. I am now running my blog using WordPress 1.5.

I will be moving everything over and trying to get everything up and running during this week. I will also keep my other blog up and running here until I can figure out how to bring the archives over.

Enjoy the new look and leave your comments on how you like it!

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